Firewater Tanks

Fire protection system 

Firewater tanks store water to be used in case of fire

Firewater tanks are horizontal underground structures used to store water in case of fire. They are made of HelCor pipes and can be equipped with several types of pumps or a suction system. They can be installed in aggressive environments and serve for up to 100 years. Our firewater tanks are an economical and eco-friendly solution that meets the EU standards and include engineering submittal drawings

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Features and Benefits

Cost efficient

The light weight of pipes means no need for heavy machinery, which minimizes shipment and installation costs. The assembly requires a team of regular workers with only one supervisor, which saves on labour costs. Finally, the installation time is short and can take just a couple of days for smaller applications. 

Long service life

The pipes are made of hot dip galvanized steel. The durable material and optimal structure guarantee a lifespan of up to 100 years. The pipes are easily accessible for manual inspection and do not require any special maintenance besides surface renovation.

Versatile solutions

Depending on the selected place, firewater reservoirs can be installed in green zone, under roadway or inside a building. Fire tanks can be manufactured according to the customer’s request by installing pumps, pressure or suction pipeline. They can be made up to 4 meters in diameter and virtually unlimited in length.

Eco-friendly solution

Steel is 100% reusable and low on CO2 emissions and natural resource consumption when produced. The quick installation means minimal disturbance of the local area. 

Guaranteed quality

The implementation is always done according to all technical regulations. Our professionals supervise the process from the planning stage and make sure all your requirements are met.

  • Factories

  • Warehouses 

  • Supermarkets  

  • Logistic centres  

  • Airports

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    How are UltraCor® structures different from other ViaCon bridge solutions?

    They are stronger and wider than SuperCor®, Hamco MP200plus®. As opposed to CON/SPAN, they are made of steel and not concrete so they are more ecological and 30-40% more cost-efficient. And unlike Acrow® 700XS®, they are applicable for buried solutions but take a bit longer to install.

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